Mission Haiti Newsletter
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Friends of Mission Haiti:

We are sending this newsletter to inform our ministry partners that Pam has made the difficult decision to step down as Mission Haiti's CEO and resign from the board of directors.

Pam started Mission Haiti from scratch. She has lived in Haiti off-and-on for 20 years. We all have unbelievable respect for the work that she has done. There is no such thing as replacing someone like Pam. We will however continue as a ministry. As a matter of fact, the board and staff of Mission Haiti feel called by God to build and expand upon the work that Pam has started. The board of directors has expressed tremendous support for the missionaries that are on the ground here in Haiti and for the staff and youth of the mission. 

With Pam’s departure, I, Tim Mulder, have been named the Executive Director of Mission Haiti (America) and Paul Perissien has been named the Executive Director in Haiti. We have an unbelievable leadership team in Haiti consisting of Lubin Dorsaivil (Evangelism), Gertrude Chery (Orphanage), and Renald Boursiquot (Construction and Transportation). All have expressed their support and continued service with the mission. 

Pam always says there is no such thing as Mission Haiti without the work and support of our volunteers and donors. You are an important part of that team and we hope that you will continue to support Mission Haiti. 

Please help us wish Pam all the best. We will miss her very much. 

Thank you and God bless,
Tim Mulder


Our Ministry Continues.

Message from the board:

Mission Haiti has grown. Over the past few years, new people have been brought onto the board and staff. As of today, we have a strong, unified team in place to carry on the work God has given us to do in Haiti. Please take a moment to get to know the leadership God has entrusted this mission to.


Tim Mulder, Executive Director–America
Tim, his wife Sara and their three daughters have been living in Haiti for the past year. Tim looks forward to continuing his service in America.

Paul Perissien, Executive Director–Haiti
Paul was born in Haiti and raised in the USA. He is now the director of the new Christian School in Haiti.

Bethany Perissien, Leadership Team–Haiti
Bethany is married to Paul and provides eye care and leadership in Haiti.

Amanda Van’t Hul, Mission Coordinator–USA
A South Dakota native, Amanda leads team training and development, travel arrangements to Haiti, and child sponsorship.


Nelson Van Den Hoek, President
With 16 years of service to Mission Haiti, Nelson is a retired business owner currently contracted to LifeLight Communications, Inc.

Jay Woudstra, Vice President
A funding guru for Mission Haiti, Jay is also Superintendent of Sioux Falls Christian Schools and works with Mission Haiti's educational program.

Chad Hatch, Treasurer
Partner at Nordic Venture Partners, Chad oversees financial operations for Mission Haiti.

Jeri Van Den Hoek, Secretary
Jeri has also worked with Mission Haiti for 16 years and is a retired business co-owner currently employed by Land-O-Lakes.

Pastor Kirk Flaa, Spiritual Leader
Pastor Kirk leads the spiritual development of Pastors in Haiti. He is the Senior Pastor at Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church.

James Krueger, Mission Development
Co-owner of Click Rain in Sioux Falls, James helps spread the word about Mission Haiti happenings and advises on communications.


Here come the teachers.

New Christian School in Haiti

Our teachers are moving to Haiti in July to start the new school year at the new Christian Academy (pictured above). We've received a very good response from the village regarding the new school, and we're excited to get the new school year underway.

New Teacher Housing Construction

Construction Updates

Teacher Housing
The new four-bedroom house construction on the Mission Haiti property is almost complete! This house will be the new home of prospective foreign teachers at the Kuislin Christian Academy.

Block Plant
The block plant is moving along nicely. This is the current building project.

Medical Clinic
Plans are being made for the medical clinic and we are prospecting land for this clinic.

Girl in Haiti

Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is moving forward in full force. Over 2,000 students sponsored. Wow!

Our individual sponsorship provides children with an education, school supplies, deworming and for many the only meal they will get for the day. 

Interested in sponsoring a child or know someone who might be? We cannot do this without support from generous folks like you. 


Note: Our Address Forwarding is Ending.

Our forwarding service is ending. Please be sure to update your records with our current U.S. mailing address: P.O. Box 2175, Sioux Falls, SD 57101-2175. Thank you!