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Kristen Neufeld


Kristen Neufeld and her sister Cassie are teachers at at the Jean Alexis Kuislin Christian Academy. They grew up in a small farming town in southwestern Ontario called Aylmer. They have no other siblings in their family. 

Kristen attended Redeemer University College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. 

Why Kristen works for Mission-Haiti: 

"The story of how I ended up in Haiti and working for Mission-Haiti is a long story. I knew God had a purpose for me, and I knew it would involve teaching, but the rest was unknown, and multiple times I asked God, “why Haiti?” Truthfully, teaching in a country where the language was near to foreign seemed next to impossible. God uses what we think is impossible inside of ourselves to glorify Him, and that is exactly what He was and still is doing. Still, sometimes it seems impossible but impossible is not a word when Christ dwells inside of us. I realized the precious gift that God had so faithfully placed right in front of me and it only took one simple, firm, confident, trusting “yes” to God, and the dreams and desires of my heart were aligned with God’s; it’s a beautiful experience when we align our lives and everything in it with God; a divine revelation. This is the way it is with God. The picture may not be clear. The “how-to” seems incomplete, but the vision is compelling. It touches you deep within your heart and there is only one choice: the way of obedience. Obedience to God led me to Haiti, working for Mission-Haiti, and serving in Haiti with a full, full heart."