Peyton Hecht


Peyton has been serving with Mission-Haiti since back in 2016. Currently she is the English teacher in one of our 1st grade classes at JAKAC. Along with teaching, Peyton started Mission-Haiti’s Volleyball Club. MHVC is a weekly time for 40-50 teenage girls to come together and grow personally, spiritually and as a community of future Christian leaders. Before coming to Haiti, Peyton lived in Sioux Falls, SD where attended Augustana University and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education and English as a New Language.

“Why I serve with Mission-Haiti”:

"For a while now I knew that God had been asking me to step out in faith and become a missionary. In college the Lord pointed me towards elementary education. It's been amazing to see how God combined my love for teaching with my love for Him and the gospel. I want to have a passion for God's glory and a zeal for His people's salvation. I think that education really does have the power to change the world and when you combine that with a Christian education and an organization like Mission-Haiti, you can't go wrong. After spending the month of January here in Haiti during college, I was thrilled when they offered me a teaching position. Through lots of prayer, I gladly accepted and am so happy to be here."