Calling all couples for a date night! Something Mission-Haiti has been a part of for the past couple years is hosting a group wedding for couples wanting to get married. Often times, in Haiti, couples cannot afford to get married, so they delay for a multitude of years until they can save up enough money. Mission-Haiti has helped to create an opportunity for couples to have a wedding ceremony at no cost to them. Last year, we were able to marry 16 couples! 

One year later, Mission-Haiti hosted "Couples Night Out". This was a night meant for encouragement of the new couples.The evening was packed with advise on how to keep your marriage strong, enjoying a nice meal together, and an array of games. Some fan favorites from the evening were musical chairs, the newlywed game, and dancing. It was truly a night filled with such love.

The league of pastors of Ti Rivye, In partnership with MH, hosted 50 couples for a seminar focused on marriage. The 50 couple were either pastors from the surrounding communities or leaders in the church and their spouses. This was a great day for all the couple to hear words of encouragement and wisdom on how to continue putting their most important ministry to Christ first, their marriage.