The unrest continues and Haiti continues to face more and more difficulties by the day. Haiti needs your prayers more than ever! We are so grateful to serve a God who is so much bigger than any gangs, disease, or political unrest. We serve a God who offers hope and security in the bleakest of moments. 

This month we have so much to celebrate in Mission-Haiti. The construction on the Bethanie School continues and although school has not started yet, we are so hopeful that it will be starting next month and the school will be ready for those kiddos to return!

The computer lab at Mission-Haiti’s Lines school is getting an upgrade!!! We are so grateful to Riverside Technologies, Inc. (RTI) for donating these 30 laptops, giving the students a chance at a promising future. 

Although the lack of gas has made getting around nearly impossible, our crew is nothing but innovative! Pictured here is Sam and Kenold making the work happen regardless of the circumstance. We are so grateful for the diligent workers within the ministry who know the importance of the work and those we serve. We aim to serve well not because WE have a lot to lose but because those we serve have everything to lose.