Mercant Lucnor

Birthday: August 15, 1951 

Lucnor came to be part of our family of elders thanks to his Pastor. He heard about Lucnor’s struggles and his inability to take care of himself so he approached Papa Lubin on Lucnor’s behalf and Lubin agreed that our Elderly Home would be a great fit for him.

Lucnor found Jesus after an evangelist visited his home preaching the good news. He listened and accepted Jesus into his heart on that day. His favorite Bible verse is Daniel 3:17. 

While growing up he raised animals, farmed and worked as a carpenter.  

Lucnor’s biggest role models are is mom and dad. He is also a dad himself. He has one daughter and she lives about 45 minutes away from the Elderly Home.  

His favorite food is breadfruit. 

Lucnor asks that you pray “for his soul to be saved.”

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