St-Miracle Alabre

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Birthday: November 2, 1930

Alabre, more commonly known as Cubin because he lived in Cuba for 30 years, came to the Ederly Home through a woman named Miss Canard. She knew Cubin and saw that his quality of life was deteriorating. Lubin visited him in his home and saw that he was living in “misery” so he asked Alabre to join our Elderly Home and he agreed to make the move. 

Cubin came to know Jesus as his savior when he returned home to Haiti from Cuba. His favorite Bible story is Jesus’ life.

In his younger years he cared for animals and farmed for a living. Alabre’s biggest role model growing up was his mother. 

His favorite food is fried breadfruit.

Alabre asks for prayers for his “soul to be clean”.

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