Timo Phoniel

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Birthday: Exact date is unknown but Tmo was born in 1937.

Timo, also known as DJ Timo because of his radio running skills, became a member of our family thanks to his nephew after he approached Papa Lubin. He explained that Timo was struggling in his current situation and was no longer able to take care of himself. After discussion, they both decided that our Elderly Home would be great fit!

His relationship with Jesus started when he was in church on Sunday during a prayer time. His pastor was praying over him and asked Timo if he wanted God is in heart. He replied yes! 

Timo’s favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 and the story of Jesus’ life.

While growing up Timo took care cows and livestock. One of his main jobs was to walk other people’s cows from south Haiti to Port au Prince to sell them at market, then walk back. That is 138 miles, one way! When asked how many times he made that trek, he essentially answered “too many to count”.

Timo’s biggest role model growing up was his sister. After she passed away there was a woman named Mirey Dorjon who became very important in his life.

His favorite exercise is Elbow Extension.  

Timo asks for prayers “for his life and continued health”.

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