Victor Fernand

Birthday: Unknown. If you ask Fernand he’ll tell you anywhere between 21-100!

Victor Fernand started as a member of our Elderly Outreach Program where Papa Lubin and other members of our Evangelism Team routinely visit elders in mountains who needed some assistance. When hurricane Matthew struck south Haiti in 2017 Fernand’s home was demolished and he was left with almost nothing and nowhere to go. Lubin saw his need and invited him to become a member of our Elderly Home.

Fernand came to know Jesus as his savior after a dream he had. He explains that in the dream God told him he needed to accept Jesus into his heart and he listened! When asked what his favorite Bible verse or story is he simply replied, “Any story about God!”

His favorite food is potatoes. 

Fernand asks that you pray for “the well-being of his life.”

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