Vince Lubben

Vince Lubben is the President of Wireless World, a Verizon retailer, building and expanding the company from 4 stores in 1999 to 45 locations in 5 states today. Vince lives in Sioux Falls with his wife, Jeanine, and their five boys. The family enjoys spending time at Lake Okoboji in the Summers and in Haiti as much during the other parts of the year.

Vince joined Mission-Haiti's board in 2016, but has been an active partner for many years prior. Having been to Haiti numerous times, Vince's passion is to promote economic development through training & equipping Haitian entrepreneurs to see and take advantage of the opportunities that are available in the area. His desire is to help these entrepreneurs, and others in the community, to advance their leadership skills by teaching a leadership class whenever he comes to Haiti.  Vince often states, "It is always great to go back to the Mission Haiti area.  Even though there are many obstacles in Haiti with the government, culture, etc it is so great to see how big of a differance Mission Haiti is making in this corner of the island.  It's fun to see the advancements, peoples attitude of gratitude and how far our money goes down there.