Bringing Hope

Orphans are often looked down upon in Haiti. For this reason, the Mission-Haiti orphanage was created to provide a loving home for these children. We know that each of the kids in this home are cherished by their heavenly father and will be covered with our love. God has commanded us to look after orphans in their distress, (James 1:27) and we have found it to be one of the greatest joys.

 In the Mission-Haiti orphanage, our children are provided plenty to eat, a comfortable bed, and a Christ centered education. They are also blessed with love and affection from the Mission-Haiti staff members who attend to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. While fun is a part of every day, the day is rounded out with daily chores, devotions and serving those less fortunate in the community. Our orphanage is usually a highlight for visiting missions teams who love to interact with the children.

Join Us in Helping Haiti

Will you consider supporting our orphanage and bringing hope to our children?