Bringing Hope

Orphans are often looked down upon in Haiti. For this reason, the Mission-Haiti orphanage was created to provide a loving home for these children. We know that each of the kids in this home are cherished by their heavenly father and will be covered with our love. God has commanded us to look after orphans in their distress, (James 1:27) and we have found it to be one of the greatest joys.

Mission-Haiti’s orphanage is not your typical orphanage. Our focus is to provide a loving family environment for our kids, instead of just a place to sleep and some food to eat. The orphanage family has a mom, Gertrude Chery, and dad, Lubin Dorsainvil, who provide the highest level of love and care for our kids. The kids refer to them as Mama Gertrude and Papa Lubin while referring to each other as brother and sister. While fun is a part of every day, family members are responsible for daily chores, devotions, worship, school tutoring and volunteering in the community. Our orphanage family is a truly special place where, thanks to our Haitian staff, our kids have a loving home and feel the unconditional love of Jesus on a daily basis. 

Join Us in Bringing Hope!

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