Providing Education

Mission-Haiti sees education as the key to creating young Christian leaders. With help of supporters we are able to influence and foster growth in the schools surrounding Ti Rivyè. Operating one French/English immersion school, eight traditional Haitian schools, and partnering with many other schools in the area, education is the biggest arm of our ministry. 

Choosing a Student to Sponsor

Your sponsorship of a child can be the difference between them spending their day doing chores or attending school and bettering their education. The sponsorship program is a huge part of what we do at Mission-Haiti, and is our largest ministry to this area of Haiti. If you are compelled to sponsor a student, you can choose from students attending the Jean Alexis Kuislin Christian Academy, Mission-Haiti's French/English immersion school, or students attending one of our other traditional Haitian Schools We encourage you to further explore our schools and sponsorship opportunities. There you will also find a list of students still waiting to go to school. We also provide answers to many questions in our Sponsorship FAQ

Schools At a Glance:

Jean Alexis Keuslin Christian Academy

Abbreviated "JAK", this school is a French/English immersion school. Built from the ground up by Mission-Haiti, JAK school offers a unique duo lingo education with Haitian English teachers and Haitian French teachers co-teaching. This school has opportunities with technology, a library, and a custom made curriculum that is above the national standards.

Bethanie Elementary

Beginning in four corners of a church, Bethanie school is now meeting in a new school building with room to grow. Bethanie has been operated by Mission-Haiti since 2013.

Toussaint School

Located at the top of a nearby mountain, Toussaint school is seated higher than any other Mission-Haiti operated school. This school is partnered with Abiding Savior Free Lutheran Church, and ranges from Kin1 (preschool) - Rheto (12th grade). 

Jabouin Embrase School

This Mission-Haiti operated school is partnered with Embrace Church. Mission-Haiti has been operating this school since 2012. With the support and funding from Embrace this school that once met in a house, now has a fully functioning school building. Their continued support has brought a cafeteria, kitchen, and school office.

Madamme Pierre Embrase School

This Mission-Haiti operated school is partnered with Embrace Church. Madamme Pierre is the newest addition to Mission-Haiti operations, being built in 2019. This school was built in a rural area to reach more students living in the mountain area. Students that once had a 2 hour commute by foot to school each morning now have a school closer to home. The land for this school was donated by a member of the community because of how eager this community was for a school.

Gaspard Embrase School

Gaspard is the newest addition to the Embrace Church partnership. 

Frederique School

The second school that Mission-Haiti began operating, Frederique has been operated by Mission-Haiti since before 2014. Frederique has been operated for quite some time in different locations but is now operated nearby on the land of a family. Frederique also has a church on the same property as the school and it pastored by the secretary of the school. They have partnered with Community Reform Church to build remaining classrooms and front office to function as a school. 

Lines School

This Mission-Haiti operated school is partnered with Shalom Christian Reform Church. Lines used to meet in a church and home broken into small classrooms, but with the funding and support from Shalom Church, a new school has been built with opportunity for the school to grow more grade levels. This is the first school that Mission-Haiti started operating. 

DuCoin School

This Mission-Haiti operated school is partnered with Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. DuCoin is located in a beautiful but remote part of the island making it hard to reach. The need at this school was great and with the funding and support from Gloria Dei Church, some new classrooms have been built with opportunity for the school to grow more grade levels. We are excited about the opportunities in store for the DuCoin community.