Redefining Family

For years Mission-Haiti has had a Haitian led Elderly Care program in which our evangelism team would visit elders in the mountains who needed some extra care and support. After hurricane Matthew, Mission-Haiti found that many of the elders' homes were demolished and they were left with nowhere to turn. Through a partnership with a local Pastor, God presented an opportunity for us to open a home for the elderly.

As everyone who has visited the Sid & Marie Home for the Elderly knows, it is not your average retirement home and our family is not your average group of elders! It is a place where love is shared, God is glorified, and joy is very present. Similar to our orphanage, the members of our SAM Home interact like and are treated like a family. There is a "mom" who is their primary caregiver and two "brothers" who take turns staying at the home to provide help and do daily Bible studies. A nurse visits weekly to ensure they are as healthy as possible and Papa Lubin visits frequently to do a plethora of things with them including exercise!

These incredible men and women have brought an unexpected blessing to us here at Mission-Haiti. Their faithfulness inspires anyone who has the pleasure of spending time with them and their lives continue to honor and glorify God.

Advocates for Elders

Advocates for Elders is our sponsorship program for the members of our Elderly Home family. Our goal with the Advocates program is to build relationships between supporters and elders while providing spiritual and financial support needed to enable them to live the rest of their lives with as much joy and dignity as possible. 

When you commit to becoming an Advocate you are helping provide:

  • A safe, loved filled home.
  • The opportunity for our caregivers to give top notch care.
  • 3 meals a day.
  • All needed health care.
  • Activities to continue growing as an individual and child of God.
  • A dignified funeral and proper burial when the time comes.

Becoming an Advocate is easy! Simply click on the elder's photo to learn more about them and then click "Sponsor Now" to start supporting. 

Each elder needs 8 advocates to have their needs fully met.

If you have questions on elderly sponsorship or would like to cover all 8 needed advocates for an elder please contact