Elda Bernard

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Birthday: Unknown

"I don't know exactly know how old I am right now because I forgot to bring my birth certificate from where I was living before. But I entered the home on December 26, 2017. I passed through many places before I got to this home. I have felt good from the moment I arrived because I am in the middle of a family that understands me. I do not suffer from any illness, just some low blood pressure sometimes and my eyes, then everything is fine. I'm asking God to continue to bless the Mission-Haiti so that it can continue to help us."

Elda started as a member of our Elderly Outreach Program where Papa Lubin and other members of our Evangelism Team routinely visit elders in mountains who needed some assistance.  As time progressed Papa Lubin noticed that her situation continued to worsen so much so that he invited her to come live at the Elderly Home and she was happy to.

She came to know Jesus after she fell ill when she was younger. She wasn’t getting better so she sought refuge in Jesus. From that time on she “has been walking with Jesus”. Her favorite Bible chapter is Psalm 1.

While growing up she worked as a farmer and also bred animals.  

Her favorite food is rice, her favorite exercise is elbow extension and she is an incredible singer.

Elda asks that you pray for her to “continue to be safe”. 

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