Jean Alexis Kuislin Christian Academy

The Jean Alexis Kuislin Christian Academy was made possible because of support from numerous donors and land donated by a local family.

Why is Jean Alexis Kuislin Christian Academy unique?

The Jean Alexis Kuislin (JAK) Christian Academy provides an opportunity to the children of Ti Rivyè and the surrounding community like no other, creating a new culture of education with resources and a level of education that is unheard of in rural Haiti.



JAK started with preschool through Kindergarten in 2015 and each year another grade is added. This means that for the 2028-2029 school year, we will have our first graduating class from the JAK academy.


The school’s foundation are the curriculum standards set by the government of Haiti. However, we seek to surpass those standards and integrate American and Canadian standards into our curriculum. This means the quality of education our students receive surpasses national standards.


While many schools in Haiti are lacking resources and must resort to verbal repetition, we are able to provide different opportunities to accommodate various learning styles at the JAK Academy.  Our classrooms are equipped with whiteboards, projectors and iPads. The JAK Academy promotes literacy by providing a collection of books in both French and English for our students and teachers alike.  We function as a trauma-informed school, focusing on emotional health to help grow our students in knowledge, character, and the truth of Christ. 


The JAK Academy is unique from other international schools. With one Haitian English teacher and one Haitian French teacher co-teaching throughout the week, our students are provided with a rich cross-cultural and diverse educational experience.  This dual-language environment is essential in order to provide our students with greater professional opportunities in the future.

Included in your JAK academy sponsorship:

  • Uniforms
  • All Books
  • School Supplies
  • A pair of shoes
  • 2 meals a day(breakfast and lunch)
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Library access for your student
  • Electricity to power fans, projectors, iPads, and printers for the classrooms
  • Free access to the Mission-Haiti Medical Clinic

Sponsorship Opportunities for this School Year

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