Unfortunately, due to the unrest in Haiti, at this time we will not be hosting any teams.

This is a glimpse of what teams look like when they do return:

Listen. Learn. Love.

Mission-Haiti has a different perspective on short-term mission trips than most non-profit ministries from around the world. We don’t do “building” or “work project” trips. The reality is that there are thousands of Haitians who would love the opportunity to do that work project for us.  Unemployment and a lack of economic opportunities is one of the major problems in Haiti. We make every effort to give the Haitian people opportunities to use their God-given skills to work and provide for their families.

 So, what does a short-term mission trip to Mission-Haiti look like? Our emphasis for short-term teams is a combination of seeing and participating in all our areas of ministry. We want you to experience Haitian culture and develop relationships with the people that we get the privilege to work with. 

 During a trip to Mission-Haiti you’ll get to see and participate in these areas of our ministry: 

  • Orphanage – Get to meet and interact with the children in our orphanage. Start a game of dodge ball. Organize a craft project. Take the children to a movie at our ministry center. The opportunities are endless!
  • Jean Alexis Kuislin Christian Academy – This is Mission-Haiti’s Christian Academy. Students learn both English and French. They receive two meals per day. They have access to technology. They receive instruction from both local Haitian teachers and from missionary teachers from the USA and Canada. It’s a unique educational environment that we think you’ll enjoy seeing!
  • Partner Schools – Hiking up in the mountains to visit some of our partner schools is a highlight for many people. You’ll break a sweat and you’ll get to see what education looks like in Haiti.
  • Sponsor Students/Home Visits – We try to give people the opportunity to meet the students they sponsor and occasionally we get the chance to visit them at their home. Seeing these children at their school or even in their home brings our sponsorship program to life for many people.
  • Elderly Home - Visiting the elderly home is quickly becoming a favorite activity of many teams. Spending time and worshiping with our elders is an experience you will never forget.
  • Ministry Center – Teams regularly visit and participate in the classes we offer at our ministry center. On Saturday and Sunday nights we also have the opportunity to “go to the movies”, Haiti style.
  • Medical Clinic – Visit Mission-Haiti’s new medical clinic. We’re working hard to raise the bar for medical care in Haiti.

 Will you consider joining us on a short term mission team? 

Email Breanna@mission-haiti.org for more information!

Join Us in Haiti!

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