Lanmou San Fin

(La-moo Sa Fih) 

Love Without End 

We love because he first loved us. – 1 John 4:19

Since its opening in March of 2019, Lanmou San Fin (LSF) Health Center has been providing excellent primary care services to Ti Rivyè and surround communities.

The healthcare system in Haiti is quite broken, often lacking in resources and treatment options.  The people in our community often can't even reach it!  Our clinic positioned right in the middle of Ti Rivyè offers an accessible and necessary resource, truly offering a lifeline to a group of people who would have a difficult time finding healthcare before.  At LSF, we strive to bring a new culture of healthcare, offering a quality service in a clean, modern, and pleasant atmosphere.  We cannot do any of this without help from stateside supporters like you!  Please consider partnering with us to continue to provide this life-changing and life-saving service to our community.

What services does LSF offer?

We are primarily a primary care clinic, but in addition to general consultations we provide wound care, provide laboratory services (excluding chemistries), some ultrasound services, in-house pharmacy dispensary, ECG, rapid testing for illnesses such as malaria and STIs, prenatal care, and chronic disease management and social service programs.

What makes LSF different?

Humanity – This may seem like an obvious, or maybe unnecessary, thing to mention, but it is key.  Oftentimes in the Haiti healthcare system, patients come in such masses, they become just a number.  At LSF we work on seeing and treating each patient how we’d like our family to be treated.  As humans.  Who matter.

Impartiality – Richer or poorer, local or from far away, young or old, we work to give the same resources and care to all who come in our door, loving them as Christ first loved us.

Compassion – In such a broken healthcare system, there is so much that we honestly can’t do.  At LSF, we work to make sure that the patients are heard and strive to give resources and opportunities to those who need them.  This is the heart behind our social service programs.

Communication – Patient education is our bread and butter.  We work hard to make sure that the patient is understanding of their diagnosis, what the treatment plan is, and when to follow back up with us.

Who does LSF employ?

We are proud to boast an entirely Haitian medical staff under the leadership of management of Dr. Mary Schimtz (Mission-Haiti board member/US Medical Advisor) and Bethany Perissien (Medical Administrative Director).  We employee 20+ individuals to provide excellent healthcare:

-full time physicians


-laboratory technicians

-medical technicians (chronic disease management, reception, pharmacy)

-nonmedical staff (administration, security, and housekeeping)

How many patients does LSF serve and how are they managed?

We average 250-300 patients a week (Monday – Friday)

We use an electronic medical record system to help us maintain our many patients and their visits.  We use the Backpack EMR program that provides a server of communication from iPad to iPad in real time that is not dependent on the internet. For more information on Backpack EMR, check out their website here.

How much does a consultation cost?

We ask that our patients pay 250 gourdes (around $3.50 USD) for a consultation and 100 gourdes (around $1.35) for each laboratory exam.  All available and necessary medication is included the initial consultation fee.  This is a big blessing to our patients, who oftentimes may be able to scrape up enough money to see a doctor, but can’t afford the medications or treatment plan.

Where does LSF’s medications come from?

Our pharmacy is made up of a formulary of over 150 different medications.  98% of these medications are bought in-country.  We are proud to help boost the Haitian economy by purchasing from local pharmacy suppliers (most in Les Cayes).  We do accept donated over-the-counter medications (and some medical supplies) as long as they are not expired.  For more information supply donation see or check out our Amazon Wishlist here.

Does LSF require payment from everyone?

As a ministry arm of Mission-Haiti, we work with Mission-Haiti to provide healthcare at LSF free of charge for students in our sponsorship program (included in the sponsorship fee) and Mission-Haiti employees and their families.  As a consideration, LSF also accepts kids staying in partnership orphanages in the area.

LSF also sees many who need a little extra help.  On a case-by-case basis, some patients receive care for free or help with additional surgeries or therapies.  Within our social service program, we also have a baby formula program for babies whose mothers have passed away in childbirth or while they are still breastfeed. 

How is LSF Funded?

As an initial project, LSF was funded by Eric McDonald and DocuTap (now Experity).  It is now sustained by people like you!  We offer room sponsorships at $15,000 a year (prefer 3-year commitment) to continue this amazing work.  If you, your business, a group of friends, or anyone you know would like to become a sponsor, please contact  Your sponsorship helps make all this possible: providing amazing healthcare services, aid to those who have no one to turn to, local employment, and boosting local economy.  Once you become a sponsor, you will receive exclusive LSF content to make you feel a part of the team – because our sponsors are the MVPs!   

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Bethany by email at 

Join Us in Changing the Culture of Healthcare!

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