As we reflect back on 2022 we can't help but be blown away by all that God has done to bless this ministry. The old adage "God's got a plan" rung true in ways we didn't even know to be looking for and once again we were reminded of HIS goodness and HIS grace.

2022 brought:

>7 elders into a new home and housed an additional 8! The new elderly home is such a blessing to the care of these 15 elders.

>97% responsorship rate! That is the highest we have had to date thanks to our incredible sponsorship families.

>Operation of a new school called Gaspard School with the partnership of Embrace church.

>Beginning construction on our Bethanie and Toussaint Schools.

>A new partnership with Rebuild Globally and Deux Mains to outfit the students in our sponsorship program with shoes made in Haiti from Haitian materials.

>Lucy and Schnieder from our orphanage moving to the city to go to University. 

>A piece of Haiti brought stateside for a "Virtual Voyage" with some of the churches we partner with.


God is GOOD! We are so honored to serve alongside HIM in this ministry. Thank you for partnering with us in significant ways to help us carry out the mission God has paved for us. We know because of what He has DONE, what He WILL DO will be nothing short of miraculous.