Paul and Bethany had the opportunity to visit Lori and the BackpackEMR team
in Minneapolis! Backpack EMR is the system our LSF Clinic uses to organize and maintain medical records for all the patients we serve at LSF.

BackpackEMR was found at a HaitiOne (now Haiti Health Network) conference before the clinic ever opened up. We were drawn in by their user-friendly system that provides its own server so it is not internet dependent. Such a big win and major necessity for us! If we were not the first, we were one of the first, to utilize BackpackEMR as a daily emr provider for a stationary clinic, not just for mobile clinics. So we’ve learned together. They have continually worked off of our feedback and continually make exciting updates to the program to make our patient care experience even better. Most recently, an easy “print visit” option in 3 different languages and a voice-to-text option to help speed up the patient visit (even in French!)

It has become a vital piece of the top notch quality care we aim to provide each person we see at the clinic. Thankful for the opportunity to visit the people that make it such an impactful tool!