It is with a sad and heavy heart that we inform you that Alabre St. Miracle (Cuban) passed away last night around 11pm. 

Nicknamed after Cuba where he left his home for at a very young age. He would spend 40 years in the hard sun working the sugarcane fields like many Haitians did back in the day to give themselves a chance at a better life. 

After coming back to his home country, Cuban felt a short-lived excitement as he fell into despair with no real friends or family to be around except for a son whom he fathered just before leaving Haiti. 

At the SAM home is where he found peace, love, a family, and would come to accept Jesus into his life. Cuban loved to speak Spanish to whoever visited him and would reminisce of his days in the sugarcane fields. 

We will miss his laugh, his jokes, and his stories. Though his last few days were tough, Cuban’s last 5 years were filled with nothing short of sweet joy. 

We thank you for being an advocating for Cuban and please pray for the other elders, staff, and any other family members as the mourn Cuban.