It has been over a month since the 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated the southwest part of Haiti, where our mission calls home. For the two nights following the disaster, most people were sleeping outside due to the continued aftershocks and fear that buildings could still collapse. Two days later, as our community was trying to process, plan, and begin clean up, tropical storm, Grace, forced everyone back into their homes full of fear.

Honestly, our team and community are tired and very much traumatized by the events from the past couple of weeks in Haiti. But, there is also some good news. We have not heard of any deaths from any students, parents, or employees that MH serves and none of the family homes that MH has built sustained damages that need to be repaired. But, there is a lot of work to be done in the community as most homes in our area were damaged by the earthquake. Due to substantial damage to the mission house on the compound, we will be forced to tear down and rebuild the house where short-term teams stay and where the Perissien's and Davalos family live on the second floor. The house is currently supported by temporary support beams to try and keep the building from collapsing if a strong enough aftershock were to hit.

What we have done, are doing, & plan to do: 

  • Donated 200 orthopedic splints, braces, and boots. In addition, we donated orthopedic implantation rods and orthopedic ultrasounds to two ortho surgeons at a local hospital. 
  • Assessed that at least 1,600 homes have been significantly damaged in the communities we serve.
  • Assessed our 8 schools & found that only 1 sustained significant damage.
  • Purchased & distributing 200 tarps to serve as temporary aid for individuals and families.
  • Distributed rice meals to over 100 families.
  • Asses which homes in the community can be fixed and which homes will have to be rebuilt from the ground up. 
  • Provide aid to repair & rebuild homes.
  • Asses how much it will cost to rebuild the mission house with second level for missionary families.
  • Build a new mission house with second level on the compound.
  • Continue to provide food aid.

How can you help?

  • PRAY for the families of the more than 2,200 individuals who lost their lives, pray for the many people who lost their homes and businesses, and pray for our MH team.
  • GIVE to our Earthquake Relief Fund

 Our strength comes from knowing that God is still in control through these hard times and He will get us through this. During times like these, we are grateful to have supporters like you to hold us in prayer and help us come along side our Haitian brothers and sisters as the healing process begins.