Hurricane Matthew has devastated the Southern coast of Haiti. Mission Haiti was right in the path of destruction. First of all, we praise God for protecting our employees and missionaries. We’ve been doing our best to confirm that all of our employees in Ti-Riviere and the surrounding villages are safe. So far we haven’t heard of any major injuries or loss of life.

While we thank God for sparing Mission Haiti’s employees and missionaries, we also mourn for those who have experienced great loss. Our village of Ti-Riviere and the surrounding communities have experienced unbelievable destruction. Roofs are blown off. Homes are destroyed. Trees are blown down. Roads are washed away. Families are displaced.

Our Mission Haiti property has been damaged as well. The roofs of several of our buildings have been blown off, including one of our main orphanage buildings where all of our boys live, and the home of our missionary teachers. A fallen tree has caused damage to the home of Lubin and Renard Dorsaivil. Lubin is a member of our leadership team in Haiti and Renard is a teacher in our Christian academy. They, along with their two girls, are safe but currently unable to live in their home. Portions of the wall surrounding our property have been pushed over, our kitchen area in our orphanage has collapsed, and many possessions and supplies have been ruined due to water damage.

How can you help?


Today, we are asking you to donate to our “Hurricane Relief Fund”. A monetary donation will help us get relief to Haiti as quickly as possible. These funds will be used to help Mission Haiti rebuild our property and help families in our area with food, supplies and materials to rebuild their homes. Our goal is to raise $525,000 for relief in Haiti. You can follow along with our goal tracker to see progress. You can donate online or mail a check to: 

Mission Haiti 
P.O. Box 2175
Sioux Falls, SD 57101 

and write “Hurricane Relief” on the memo line of the check.