During the month of May we are asking you to partner with us as we move toward the end of our fiscal year. We started the year with a budget goal of $356,900 and thanks to your generous financial support, we are so close! Every year we ask ourselves, “How are we going to raise this much money?” And every year, God provides! We continue to rely on God’s faithfulness as He introduces new people to our ministry and provides in ways we can’t even imagine. Thank you for your support throughout this fiscal year and we hope you continue to support us on this final push.

Starting today we are beginning our Countdown For Home social media campaign to highlight our orphanage and each of our 12 children. The goal of this campaign is to raise the $25,000 that it takes to operate our orphanage for an entire year. $25,000 gives us the opportunity to cover the costs of food, housing, school, tutoring, and more for our children! Our orphanage is designed so that our children will grow up loving Jesus, loving others, and making disciples every day.

We ask you to join us this month to get to know our kids, learn about the impact our orphanage has, and to prayerfully consider how you can make a difference in our children’s lives through your financial contributions. Anything helps! Check our Facebook and Instagram pages daily for photos, stories, updates and more!

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