>> Impact Story <<
Mission-Haiti recently lost an important member of our family, Carmelien Jacques, a director of one of our schools. Director Carmelien dedicated his life to the betterment of his community for the past 20 years and was instrumental in giving the next generation something his generation didn't have, a school. This past month he died unexpectedly. Prior to his death, Carmelien was saving money to purchase a home of their own and was able to purchase a small piece of land for their family

After his death, Carmelien's community took it upon themselves to put together a makeshift shelter on their new land for his wife and children to live in while she took over her new role as a sole provider for the family and attempting to save some money to finish their house. The likelihood of Director Carmelien's wife creating the means to raise her family and build a safe home for their family was extremely small.

Being inspired by Carmelien's planning/commitment to his family and the outpouring of love from the community, we felt led to reach out to our Mission-Haiti partners and see if we could find someone willing to come alongside the Jacques family in these times. God worked in someone's heart and we were met with a big "Yes" from a partner, enabling us to help provide Carmelien's family with a safe home that will change their lives and the generations to come. Partnerships like this are what make it possible for us to share God's love in Haiti as we seek to "Love Jesus, Love Others & Make Disciples".

Welcome Dávalos's!!

We are SO excited to introduce the newest additions to our Mission-Haiti family, Ignacio Dávalos and Kaetlyn Dávalos! Last month, these two signed up to serve on the ground in Haiti for 3 years starting in July of 2021! Ignacio will serve as our Haiti Operations Manager and Co-Team Leader. Kaetlyn will serve as our Team Leader and Haiti Sponsorship Coordinator. Their commitment is an answer to a BIG prayer of ours and a reminder of just how good and faithful God truly is! Please join us in welcoming them to the MH Fam! 💚

Introducing Jean Baptiste Tarte!
Meet the newest member of our SAM Home family, Mr. Jean Baptiste Tarte!
Born July 9th, 1935, Jean is 84 years young. He grew up in Ti Rivyè under the care of his uncle. If you've been to Mission-Haiti you may have seen him hanging out on the road as he didn't stay far from our compound. Back in his working years he was a farmer and a fisherman! He has one son, Isaac Tarte, who resides in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. We feel very fortunate to have him as an addition to our Mission-Haiti Fam! Jean is already fully sponsored! If you would like to learn more about sponsoring one of our other members of the SAM Home for the Elderly please visit: www.mission-haiti.com/advocate...