When the LSF Clinic opened in 2019, we set out to create a better culture of healthcare.  In addition to our bedside manner and patient communication, we wanted a comfortable, clean, and pleasant environment for our patients.  It did not take long for LSF to become the place-to-be if you needed healthcare. 


Due to the growth of our patient numbers, we have overgrown our initial building.  Because we were seeing patients with three doctors, each having their own exam room, our nurses were running vitals in the nurse’s station right in the middle of the clinic, with congestion and lack of privacy.  With the addition of lab machines, we couldn’t sustain blood draws in the actual lab, so they were happening in a cleared-out closet.  And the patients in need of IV serum or those on observation, are laying in beds in a hallway.  Along with the (good) problem of high patient census, came a quick realization that we needed more space to serve our patients in the manner we set out to…  not to mention, our staff has grown to 22 people and we can’t all fit in our staff room anymore for celebrations or meetings!


It was time we made a change.  With a 50% funding by Paws Pet Resort, our faithful construction boss started our much anticipated and much needed addition in mid-December.  Now, less than three months later, we are nearly done!  Our second level addition will allow all the lab and staff services to be on the second level.  Our IV patients will be in a privatized room and the vitals will be done in a more confidential settling.


We are so excited to be able to serve our patients better with dignity.  LSF stands for the creole phrase Lanmou San Fen.  Love without end.  And it is with this Love we can serve our patients, meeting their needs, and treating them with the care they deserve.