Mission-Haiti is a group that has worked very closely with the Haitian community for the past 20 years. They were there in the 2010 earthquake and are once again providing a bit of support after last weeks natural disaster.

The videos of Hurricane Matthew are tough to look at, many families left scrambling after losing everything.

"There's a lot of families that live in tents, that live in very basic huts with you know grass roof ceilings a lot of tin roofs. When a storm like this hits a village like Ti-Rivière it has a huge effect," said Mission-Haiti executive director, Tim Mulder.

Mission-Haiti is a non-profit based in Sioux Falls that operates in Ti-Riviere serving thousands in need.

"A country like that that is in this much need on a normal day and then it gets hit with a storm like this, that's our biggest challenge our big challenge is to walk along side people and try to help as many people as we possibly can as fast as we can," said Mulder.

Mission-Haiti wasn't immune to the destruction created in Hurricane Matthew's Wake.

Mulder will be leaving for Haiti on Friday. He says even though their buildings were damaged in the storm their mission will remain the same.

'Our primary focus right now is to rebuild Mission-Haiti and also to rebuild the community and the homes in our village," added Mudler.

Peoples spirit are better than it was but we are still in shock, we are still trying to really grasp what happened because it's going to have a huge affect on the town for years to come," said Paul Perissien, who was in Haiti during Hurricane Matthew.

The ministry is working to make sure villages like Ti-Rivière aren't alone.

"Mission-Haiti has had a group of donors that have come together and offered a hundred 70 thousand dollars in matching donations so the donations that are made to our hurricane relief fund for the next two weeks until October 31st," stated Mulder.

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