Logo Launch!

New Logo

We are excited to launch the new Mission-Haiti logo! Our new logo was designed to highlight the driving force behind our mission—the cross. The logo features the “M” for Mission and the “H” for Haiti. Mission encompasses who we are and what we do. Our mission is to be a light of Christ to anyone who experiences our organization. We strive to serve Him in everything we do so that others can see Him through us. Haiti is where God has called us to serve. He has placed us in a beautiful country surrounded by beautiful people.
At the center of our logo is the cross—the sole purpose of our ministry’s existence. The cross connects what we do with the people we serve. It shows that only by the power of Jesus are lives transformed and communities strengthened. At the bottom of our new logo is what propels our mission in Haiti—love Jesus, love others, make disciples. This is what we believe we are being called to do every day through our work in Ti Riviére and the surrounding communities. Our hope is that the new logo will help tell the story of Mission-Haiti and serve as a reminder of our ultimate purpose.