Embarking on a new year, we are excited to be thinking about the future of Mission-Haiti and where we would like to see growth this year. We've spent time in prayer and planning for where God is calling us to pour into in the year of 2021, and boy do we have our work cut out for us! 
1. Start construction on the new JAK High School. 
2. Complete construction on the Elderly home and get the residents moved in.
3. Build an addition to the Madame Pierre School to accommodate classes up to 9th grade.
4. Host the Mission-Haiti Banquet.
5. Send Lucy, one of the girls in our orphanage, to University.
6. Expand the JAK school to 6th grade and welcome new teachers on board.
7. Hire a new doctor, social worker, and office manager at the clinic.
8. Expand and remodel the waiting area at the clinic.
We are so excited that growth is in our future. Our hope is that growth of this ministry means growth to God's kingdom.  From all of you, we simply ask for continued prayers- that this year would be one of fruit, that the Mission-Haiti family would never falter in knowing whose we are and what He has called us to do, and to steadfastly continue to embrace His mission. What God calls us to is no easy task, but the mission is simple- Love Jesus, Love Others, Make Disciples.
From all of us, Happy New Year!
~The Mission-Haiti Family