A non-profit ministry based in Sioux Falls has been directly impacted by Hurricane Matthew. 

The following excerpt is from a KELO News report on the devastation in Haiti.  

Mission-Haiti suffered serious damage to its compound when the-then category 4 hurricane passed directly over Haiti. Now the ministry is praying for relief efforts. 

The compound for Mission-Haiti took a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew.  Four people from Sioux Falls, who now live in Haiti working for the ministry, say everyone is okay, but the non-profit's buildings are in shambles. 

"When something like Hurricane Matthew comes through the area, it's really all hands on deck," Mission-Haiti board member, James Krueger said. 

James Krueger is a board member. Since the hurricane, he's been in contact with the volunteers there. 

The ministry, which helps Haitian children at orphanages, also focuses on religious education and healthcare. It stock-piles all kinds of donated supplies to bring to Haiti, but right now the mission has changed. 

"Right now, it's just about getting or taking care of the mission, but the surrounding area, they just need food and water," Krueger said. 

Mission-Haiti plans to send teams of volunteers to the area in the next few weeks, but getting food and water there now has some challenges thanks to Hurricane Matthew.

"The roads are blocked, they're either washed out or blocked and there's no way to get to these remote villages," Krueger said. 

Villages that now desperately need your help more than ever. 

"The main thing right now, the need right now, like any non-profit is just funding," Krueger said. 

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