Prayers for our beloved DJ Timo. The month of October has not been his best. Timo started experiencing some pain in his foot this past month and went to see Dr. Fedna. She told him he needed to head to Cayes immediately. Timo spent about a week in Cayes on different medications trying to heal an infection they found in his foot. The infection was bad enough at that point that they needed to amputate two of his toes. After they removed his toes they found that the infection had spread and was aggressive enough they needed to remove his leg from the knee down in order to save him. The doctors believe that the infection started some time ago and is probably a result of years of mismanagement and his past work. For those who do not know Timo's story, when he was younger, his work was to walk cows from the Cayes area to Port-Au-Prince. To put this distance in perspective, Cayes to Port-Au-Prince is about a 5 hour drive. 

Timo is back at the SAM home for the Elderly and recovering well. He is still in a lot of pain but we have him on a serious regimen of antibiotics so we can manage any further infections and save the second leg. He is happy to be back with his brothers and sisters but could use prayer in this time of recovery and rehabilitation in life on one leg.