This month 14 couples were able to say their “ I Dos” before God and families. For most people in our area, marriage is an expensive undertaking. An undertaking that means choosing between having a ceremony or feeding their families. We often see couples living as husband and wife for many years without the marraige being "official" as they don't have the means to afford the ceremony. Because of this, Mission-Haiti has been doing group weddings for more than 12 years and remains one of the most special ministries we’re a part of.

Of those getting married, ages ranged from 22 to 77 years old. Together, all 14 couples have 36 children, with a total of 174 years of committed relationship. They are farmers, drivers, carpenters, and market vendors.

We are, once again, so grateful for Vince Lubben and Jeanine Hoff Lubben from Wireless World and Paws Pet Resort for helping these couple have their wonderful day.