JAK Fieldtrip

Last week our JAK 6th grade class got to visit a company in Cayes that purifies and bags drinking water!

December Update

Looking back on a year of so many ups and downs we have so much to be grateful for! 2021 was a year filled with many unforeseen challenges in Haiti, leading to some important changes to ensure the stability and effectiveness of our ministries moving forward. Without your support this past year, we wouldn't be in the place we are now: encouraged, hopeful, excited and ready for whatever God has in store for Mission-Haiti in 2022.

November Update

The past couple of months have been a trying time for Haiti. Mission-Haiti has had to make some difficult decisions in regards to how we will function moving forward.


One month since the 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated the southwest part of Haiti, where our mission calls home.


MOVE is a special day of walking, running, and yogaing to help raise money for our orphange kids.

Distribution in Action

In August, Mission-Haiti's JAK school hosted distribution for all the students in our sponsorship program.